You are agreeing to the following when submitting:

1. I have reviewed the description of volunteer services to be performed and amount of time require. I agree to carry out the specified duties and assignments to the best of my abilities.

2. I am aware of the physical demands associated with those assignments and understand the activities I will be performing may be physically demanding. I hereby declare, to the best of my knowledge, I am capable of performing the tasks expected to be assigned.

3. I understand and agree that I will not be compensated for any of the duties, activities, and assignments that I perform as a volunteer. The University may, at its sole discretion, provide a nominal fee, actual expenses or reasonable benefits, consistent with applicable law.

4. I understand that either the University or I may cancel this arrangement at any time by notifying the other party.

5. I give my permission for free use of my name, voice, and picture in any promotional or media coverage of my volunteer service.

6. I understand that if I am injured or involved in an accident while providing volunteer services to the University, Worker’s Compensation Fund will only pay the actual and necessary medical expenses I incur in the treatment of an injury. Other expenses such as lost work time, equipment, clothing, etc., will not be covered by insurance.

7. I agree to comply with all federal and state laws and all University policies and rules.